What do we mean when we talk about “Logistics”?

Definitions to be taken into account in the field of logistics:

COMMERCIAL LOGISTICS : It is key to the value chain since it incorporates the product, designs and identifies the need for new products or services.

DISTRIBUTION : Refers to the external movement of products from the seller to the customer or buyer. Distribution logistics and the physical distribution of the product are equivalent terms.

BUSINESS LOGISTICS : Since its origins in the military field, business logistics has evolved and has become a branch of industry and services, providing solutions for management in almost all business areas.

INTEGRATED : It is the set of resources and tools to improve business management:

  • reduces the costs of maintaining inventories
  • helps deliver better customer service
  • decreases capital investments

INTERNAL : Internal is the internal operating activities of the company.

INVERSE : It is responsible for recovering and recycling dangerous packaging, packaging and waste. It also deals with the processes of returning excess inventory, customer returns, obsolete products and seasonal inventories.

PORT LOGISTICS : Its efficiency in procedures and the costs associated with the operation of the cargo, are very important for the growth of a national economy, being a fundamental part of the port logistics strategy in the markets Countries.