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Six proposals to promote the rail freight transport

Barcelona-Catalunya Logistics Center (BCL) has written a document with six proposals for infrastructure improvement and management that are easily executable so that rail transport becomes competitive. The document raises easily executable actions that facilitate the development of efficient and competitive rail services that respond to the intermodal and transport needs of Catalan companies. At a […]

Evolution of logistics during the last century

Let’s review the evolution of logistics since the 30s until now. Years 30 “Military logistics” After the Second World War, the interest of business by the logistics process arises and an analogy is established between military logistics and technical material supply and military logistics is begun to be related to industrial production. Years 50 “Conceptualization […]

What do we mean when we talk about “Logistics”?

Definitions to be taken into account in the field of logistics: COMMERCIAL LOGISTICS : It is key to the value chain since it incorporates the product, designs and identifies the need for new products or services. DISTRIBUTION : Refers to the external movement of products from the seller to the customer or buyer. Distribution logistics […]

History of logistics

The birth of logistics goes back to when people stored food in caves for the purpose of having food during the cold and long winter, managing what we now know as the procurement process and inventory control. At that time the products were not transported, so humans were forced to live near the places of […]